Caribou Whole Bean Blend Coffee Review Medium Roast

Coffee Review: Caribou Whole Bean Blend

This is my Caribou Whole Bean Blend Coffee Review. It is the first Caribou coffee in whole bean I have ever tried. Now there's a lot that could be said about this coffee. The aroma, the taste, the void of bitterness and so much more. But what struck me the most is how smooth it is to drink.

The bag says medium roast. I would have to say it tends to lean more to the dark roast side but for me, I enjoy a bit darker roasted coffee. Regardless of the "roast" level, this is good coffee.

Before I get to the actual review, let me tell you why I now prefer buying whole bean coffee rather than ground. I hope that once you understand this, if you are buying ground coffee, you will make the switch.

Why Whole Bean Coffee

Since the bean has not been compromised, it holds it's flavors longer. Once you break the bean, or grind it, the air and other elements start to diminish the flavors. Therefore, a whole bean tends to keep all it's natural flavors intact until you grind it at home. In other words, you get a much richer tasting coffee by buying whole beans and grinding them yourself.

Now let's get to the review...
caribou whole bean blend coffee

Caribou Whole Bean Blend Coffee

My coffee reviews always start with the opening of the bag. I want to be awed by the aroma escaping as it fills my senses. As I opened my bag of Caribou coffee, I was not disappointed. In fact, I thoroughly enjoyed the deep richness of the aroma. It's the aroma that sets the tone for the taste to come.

The taste of the Caribou whole bean blend coffee is what I was hoping for. Rich, smooth, deep flavors the way a good coffee should taste.

It has a nice balance of flavors including hints of herbal and fruit. There is also a sense of a dark chocolate as it lingers on your palate. Hold on a minute. I always say  coffee is not meant to be analyzed to shreds, rather simply enjoyed. Am I getting a bit too technical with my review here?

Okay. The real deal about this Caribou coffee is it tastes like coffee should. Great! I have yet to detect any acidity or bitterness from this selection. Tasting it black, indicates that it is a coffee that is smooth enough to drink any time. At the same time, it is strong enough to drink in the mornings to get your day started.

I really think you will enjoy this one.


the morning coffee cup


This selection of Caribou whole bean blend coffee is a really good choice. If you are just starting to enjoy drinking coffee as a "beginner" or if you have been enjoying good coffee for years, this one you should try. Once you do, it will become one that you return to time and again.

Oh, and by-the-way, this is the coffee I'm drinking at this moment while writing my review.



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