Canadian Coffee Roaster Submitting Sample for Review

canadian-coffee-roasterI recently requested a sample of some coffee from a Canadian coffee roaster so that I can review it for all the readers of The Morning Coffee Cup. I received confirmation that it is on the way and I can hardly wait to give it a try.

Both coffees should be extremely pleasing based on the information I have read on their site. This will be my first review from a Canadian coffee roaster. I’m anxious to see if the northern region will produce a more intense flavor in the coffee.

Canadian Coffee Roaster

I hope that it arrives in time for me to get the review up by the weekend. Be sure to check back often. You can also subscribe to The Morning Coffee Cup as I will always let you know when I review any new coffee.

Just in case you are wondering, I am holding off on the name so that I can give it a fair and truthful review without input from readers.

I’m excited to get this new coffee to try and I hope you will anxiously be waiting to hear all about it too.

One thing before I close this one out. If you have a coffee you would like for me to review and post here on the site, submit your request here. I’ll respond as quickly as I can.

Till then,

Enjoy your cup of coffee.


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