Will a Ninja Be Brewing Your Coffee with a Vacuum Cleaner?

brewing-your-coffeeYou might want to read the headline again. Brewing your coffee with a vacuum cleaner? No way. Oh, but hold on. It seems that SharkNinja wants to change the way you brew your coffee. Actually, they want to change the way America brews coffee.

Who is SharkNinja and why do they need to change how we brew our coffee? They are the parent company of the Shark vacuum cleaner who devoured Dyson to become the top seller of vacuum cleaners.

Brewing Your Coffee

I know, you want to know what vacuum cleaners has to do with brewing your coffee. It seems they have their sights set on Keurig who is the top coffee maker supplier in America.
Not only do these Shark guys want to mess with brewing your coffee, they have contracted a well known actress to help them out. They are not dumb, and Sofia Vergara is good looking and ready to take on the challenge.

Okay, so SharkNinja can make a good vac, but how will they fair in the coffee maker industry? Do they know anything about our industry?

You can bet one thing for sure. They will learn and hire those who do. I suspect they will make a good coffee maker and with Sofia as the front of the effort, they will sell loads of them and make a lot of money.

Will It Make Your Coffee Taste Better?

All this just makes me wonder, will my coffee taste better, brewed in their machine? My first thought is, probably not. Coffee should not be put through these sort of tests and stresses.

Let’s stand up for the coffee and let it be brewed by coffee makers made by coffee people.

Why should we need a new method to brew your coffee in a machine made by a vacuum cleaner company that just may, well, suck? For me, I’ll stick with my Keurig coffee maker.

Your Turn

I would really love to hear your thoughts on this one. Will it suck or will it brew?

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