Blogging Tips for Small Business Owners You Can’t Ignore

Tips for Small Business Owners - Start Blogging!

I have several tips for small business owners concerning blogging. If you are the owner of a small business, whether a brick and mortar business or even if you work at home as a one man (or woman) show, this is for you.

But before I get started, be sure you have a good cup of coffee to drink. I don't want you to have to run to the kitchen in the middle of reading about all this. I have some cool tips and advice for you that just may change the way you think about business blogging. I'll wait till you get your coffee.

Are you ready? Then let's get started.

Why Business Owners Should Write a Blog

A couple of years ago, I was scanning through Google and came across something very interesting about blogging. It was about a the owner of a swimming pool company. He had been relatively successful with his business. But things began to stall. He was near bankruptcy.

He knew he had to find a way to grow his small business before it was too late. He started a blog. Yep a blog. Now before you go and think you don't have time to write a blog or it is not for your type of business, let me get you to think about this.

Do you use Google to search online for stuff you are interested in? Do your customers use Google to search online for stuff you sell? 

Now that I have your attention, here's the rest of the story. (I stole that line from the late Paul Harvey.)

Blogging tips for small business owners.

This guy who had the swimming pool business, the one who started a blog I just spoke about, he now has the number one (#1) swimming pool blog on the internet. How's his business you ask. Read about it here at The Sales Lion. You will be changing your tune about blogging and be ready to jump in. (Hint: ...from near bankruptcy to one of the most successful pool builders in the entire country...)

So let me give you my blogging tips for small business owners.

1. Start now. You don't have to wait till you know everything. Fact is, you will never know everything so just start now. If you don't know where to start, try this.

Blog Business MasterPlan: A Step by Step Beginner's Strategy To Successful Blogging

2. Read and learn. Start reading everything you can about starting a blog, content marketing and any related stuff you come across. Like this blog. 

3. Get on the lists. One of the best things you can do to learn is get on the lists. As you come across a blog with information you find useful, sign up for the email list. There is a wealth of information people will send you simply in exchange for your email address.

These are my three top tips for small business owners when it comes to blogging and creating your authority online. Are there other tips that will help you learn how to blog? Absolutely. But if you are just starting or considering it, I really suggest you take heed. Oh, and hold on. You will get hooked on the idea and then look out world.

Today's marketplace is online. Look at Amazon. They have built earth's largest shopping empire. Shoot, you can even find things like Blogging for Dummies that just may help you out.

How's your coffee? Do you need another cup. I can hold on if you do.

Let me sum this up.

My point in all this is the fact that every small business owner on the face of earth should have a blog. One step further, if that's you, you should actually write some of the posts and articles yourself. After all, it's your business and reputation. 

To grow your business, any business, having a killer website with an awesome blog that readers (and customers) love, you have to be a part of it.

These tips for small business owners are not new. People have been writing about this for years. There must be something to it. Ya' think?

Don't wait. Start now. 

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