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panera bread sold

Panera Bread Sold to the Tune of $7.2 Billion to JAB Holding

Panera Bread Sold! What? Our favorite fast casual chain has been sold? Bloomberg reported earlier this week that Panera Bread was allegedly working with advisors to go over potential strategic options, aka was looking for ...
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reconditioned commercial coffee machines

Reconditioned Commercial Coffee Machines Keep Costs Under Control

Reconditioned commercial coffee machines are the perfect way to get started in a new coffee business, while keeping your start-up costs under control. While many new machines are well over two-thousand dollars, a reconditioned commercial ...
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jura coffee machine refurbished event

Jura Coffee Machine Refurbished Event on Super Automatics

The Jura coffee machine refurbished event is on. If you are familiar with Jura, you know exactly what value this is. If you don’t know Jura, then let me tell you about them. When it ...
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coffee essential oil

Coffee Essential Oil – 8 Ideas for Using it Around Your Home

Who knew there is a coffee essential oil? But then again, why not? After all, everybody loves the way a freshly brewed pot of coffee smells. I know one thing, coffee is an essential part ...
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really good coffee

Really Good Coffee But Times are Shifting at The Morning Coffee Cup

It’s hard to believe that I started The Morning Coffee Cup a little over four years ago. Since that time, I have enjoyed some really good coffee from small batch roasters across the country. As ...
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local food trucks near me

Local Food Trucks Near Me – A Fast Growing Trend In Food Industry

Food trucks are a growing trend in the food industry. Their popularity has increased in recent years and there is good reason. Experience, Food, Fun. But have you ever asked yourself where are the local ...
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carmen estate natural panama coffee

Carmen Estate Natural Panama Coffee Review – Delectable Taste

Have you ever found a coffee that you simply love from the beginning? Sort of like love at first sight? I’m here to tell you that the coffee I am currently drinking is simply delectable ...
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copper horse coffee carriage house blend coffee review

Copper Horse Coffee Carriage House Blend Coffee Review

The days of the horse and carriage may be a thing of the past, but their existence lives on in the Copper Horse Coffee Carriage House Blend. Imagine pulling your horse and carriage up to ...
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coffee images

Coffee Images You Can Pin Right Now on Your Pinterest Board

Coffee images are lots of fun to find, read and share. There are tons of them. Witty, clever, fun, humorous, all designed to share and get a reaction. That’s what they are all about. Enjoy ...
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warhorse coffee review

Coffee You Need in Battle – Warhorse Coffee Review Copper Horse Roasters

Many times before I review a coffee, I’ll read the label and even check out the website to see what the roasters themselves have to say. This time it was different. I saw the image ...
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