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how to make extra income

Learn How to Make Extra Income with Your Ideas In 27 Days

Side Hustle Gone Wild As I scan my Feedly account, one thing that is jumping out at me is the fact that people want to know how to make extra income. And, they are going ...
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coffee habits

Why Your Coffee Habits Don’t Mean a Thing Afterall

Coffee habits. All coffee drinkers have them. As a coffee drinker I have some and I’m sure you do too. But do our coffee habits really mean anything? All the coffee talk about it’s bad ...
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social media strategies

3 Social Media Strategies: Stand Up, Show Up, Be Authentic

Social media strategies is something you know you should be better at doing. I’m sure you have gotten the automated Twitter DM with some lame, meaningless message that is totally irrelevant. You ignore it and ...
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papua new guinea whole bean coffee

Papua New Guinea Whole Bean Coffee, Fresh Roasted

Papua New Guinea Whole Bean Coffee Single Origin 2 lb. Bag, Whole Bean Coffee is roasted in our environmentally friendly coffee roaster. Bold Body, Medium Roast Order from Amazon $19.95 Get it in 2 days ...
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where was coffee discovered

Where Was Coffee Discovered, My Coffee Story & Memories

We all have stories. And as coffee drinkers, we have our coffee stories. As a young boy, this is my coffee story, it is where coffee was discovered for me. This is where coffee was ...
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how to run a business meeting

How to Run a Business Meeting: One-on-One Over Coffee

Do you know how to run a business meeting with a client? Time wasters in many senses, but necessary components of any company who wants to grow. There is another option. One that can produce ...
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best coffee cafe near me

The Best Coffee Cafe Near Me is In My Backyard

The best coffee cafe near me is in my own backyard. It’s the perfect place to relax and enjoy a quiet morning with a good cup of coffee. The Best Coffee You Will Ever Drink ...
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whimsical kitchen coffee clocks

Whimsical Kitchen Coffee Clocks to Brighten Your Kitchen

Coffee Cup Pendulum Wall Clock Whimsical Kitchen Coffee Clocks will make decorating your kitchen or coffee space fun. Coffee clocks add charm, character and lots of fun to your space. Like this coffee cup pendulum ...
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free ebook

Is the Free eBook Dead When You Subscribe?

Is the free eBook dead? How many free downloads have you got just gathering digital dust deep inside your computer? Find out why I don’t offer a free eBook ...
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design changes

Design Changes Create a Better User Experience for Everyone

A Hidden Treasure There are hidden treasures in the world and this is one of them. Tarrazu Montecielo Coffee is a coffee that I have thoroughly enjoyed. You can get it from Amazon offered by ...
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