Black Oak Heartwood Coffee Review – A Refreshing Autumn Blend

Black Oak Heartwood Coffee Review – Simply put, this coffee is as refreshing as a perfect autumn afternoon. A smooth medium roasted blend that reminds me of hints of fall with it’s nutty, yet slightly sweet taste. As I’m writing my review, I’m having another cup of this relaxing coffee on a perfect autumn afternoon. The sun is shining, a cool breeze is whispering through the drying leaves and I have a smile on my face. A day like this doesn’t get much better, other than it’s my birthday too.

Black Oak Heartwood Coffee Review

When I first opened the box and saw the bag of coffee, I immediately saw the logo and design. It resonated with a bold statement that said, “you are getting ready to experience a confident coffee full of flavor.” It was so inviting that I had to open the bag to experience the aroma before I was ever ready to brew and taste. Off to a great start.

You may get the impression that I like my Hartwood coffee from Black Oak Roasters. Well, you are absolutely right. This really is a very delightful blend. The medium roast is just about as perfect as this autumn day.

Tasting my Heartwood Coffee
When it comes to a medium roast blend, this one is among the best. It actually is among my top 5 or 6 favorite blends. When I review new coffees, I will read the package to see if there are any tasting notes. Some say I should just taste it first. But most coffee drinkers read the package before they buy so I look at it from a casual coffee drinker’s perspective and do the same.

Sweet, balanced and nutty is what you will find on the bag. What you find in your cup is, actually, just that. My first sip of black did revealed a hint of sweetness. But what I noticed more so was the nutty flavor. I got a hint of pecan with a finish of hazelnut. I suppose that is why I think of a relaxing autumn day as I drink this fine coffee.

Bottom line of my Black Oak Heartwood coffee review is this. If you want a smooth, well balanced, relaxing, great tasting medium blend coffee, you have to add this one to your list of coffee to drink.

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If you were looking for a more technical or indepth review of this fine coffee, it’s not here. When a coffee is good, and I mean really good, you just have to taste it to see for yourself.

Enjoy a cup soon.

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