The Best Way to Brew Morning Coffee

brew morning coffeeWhen asked this question I realized there may be some of you who do not know the best way to brew morning coffee. I also realized the answer is simple. Whatever way you find the easiest that suits your style of coffee and your tastes. As simple as it may sound, that’s pretty much the way I see it.

Brewing Morning Coffee

Some of the more complex coffee connoisseurs may disagree but I’m not about all the technical stuff concerning coffee. I like to keep things simple without over analyzing when it comes to enjoying a good cup of coffee. That goes for brewing morning coffee.

But to be fair, I did some reading and found this article that somewhat agrees but goes a bit deeper for all of you wanting to know more. Jason Sarley has a good coffee blog that you will enjoy.

I’ll stick to my simple ways and brew morning coffee in my Keurig and keep on enjoying it.

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