Best French Roast Coffee I Have Ever Tasted from Black Oak

best french roast coffee
One sentence could easily sum up this review, the best French roast coffee I have ever tasted. Sometimes it is a bit more difficult trying to describe a coffee that is as near perfect as it gets. I have tasted and reviewed my share of coffee from various small roasters and have yet to have what I would say is bad coffee. They all have been really good. But this French roast, I believe, is the best I have ever tasted.

I enjoy a dark roast coffee. But when I tasted the Wagon Wheel French roast from Black Oak Coffee, I thought to myself, this is the best French roast coffee I believe I have ever tasted. I’m not sure how to say it any clearer than that.

The Review

I decided that my review of this classic French roast coffee doesn’t need a lot of extras such as about the beans, the origin, or the aroma. This one is all about the taste.

This is my second bag of coffee from Black Oak Roasters. The first one, a refreshing autumn blend, was a really nice coffee, but their French Roast is superb.

My first taste was that of a classic French roast coffee. I thoroughly enjoyed that first cup. And the second, and third…

A couple of tasting notes that really comes through is the smokiness, and full bodied, smooth finish. After my first tasting, I gave some to a friend who never drinks black coffee. That is until he tried this one. He drank almost an entire cup of this one black.

Best French Roast Coffee Ever

If you don't try this classic French roast #coffee, you might as well just quit drinking coffee. @BlackOakCoffee #FrenchRoast #TMCC Click To Tweet

As good as it is black, when I tasted it with a bit of my Italian Creamer, the flavors joined together in such a delightful taste I thought I was in coffee heaven.

Do you like chocolate chip cookies? OMG, this is the perfect coffee to drink with them. I am truly impressed with this coffee from Black Oak Roasters.

Smooth, full-bodied, smoky, hints of chocolate, rich tasting coffee. I could go on about how good I think this coffee is but this just about sums it up.

By far, one of the very best French roast coffee selections I have ever tasted. If you don’t try this one, you might as well just quit drinking coffee.

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