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french-press-coffee-makerSome say that a French Press Coffee Maker brews the best cup of coffee. That’s why you should compare and read the reviews before you make your choice. These three are considered the best by The Morning Coffee Cup review team.

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SterlingPro French Press Coffee Maker

Best French Press Coffee Maker
There are 6,915 review for this item on Amazon, with a 4.4 out of 5 star customer rating. Reviewers are saying it makes a wonderful cup of coffee. It is easy to use. This French Press Coffee Maker is considered to be the most reliable and durable one on the market today. SterlingPro introduces the innovate and unique Double Screens System which is the only one in coffee press market. This helps keep the coffee grounds out of your mouth. If you want a richer cup of coffee, then you need a French Press. Read more reviews.


Bodum Chambord 8 cup French Press Coffee Maker

Bodum French Press – Chrome
Pressed coffee extracts the perfect amount of essentials oils and acids from the bean for the maximum amount of flavor from your coffee. It’s the preferred method for brewing for coffee enthusiasts everywhere. The Bodum French Press does it to perfection. Almost 1000 reviews on Amazon where it gets 4.4 out of 5 stars. Some say a French Press coffee maker is teetering on the edge of a coffee snob. But once you taste the coffee you make with your Bodum, you will see coffee in a whole new light. You never knew how good coffee could be until you brew it in a French Press.


Bodum Brazil 8-Cup French Press Coffee Maker

Bodum Brazil Value Priced
When it comes to value priced, the Bodum Brazil French Press coffee maker has economics in mind. This one comes in under $20. Once again, we get a 4.4 out of 5 star rating for a French Press. Although this one does not have the flair of design as the other two we have reviewed, it still gets high marks on function. The plastic frame that holds the carafe is perfect if you tend to knock things over in the kitchen. The bodum is what I call an upscale cowboy coffee pot. If you are looking for value, this is your choice.

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