How to Choose the Best Coffee to Drink that You Will Enjoy

the best coffee to drink
When it comes to choosing the best coffee to drink, you want to know it will be good. One you will enjoy drinking. But with all the many brands and types available, how do you choose the best coffee to drink? Do you use a hit or miss approach? Maybe the package will give you a hint. Whole bean or ground. K-cup or instant. (please don’t choose instant)

There are literally thousands of different types of coffee to choose from making the process to choose the best difficult. Especially if you are new to coffee. To help you out, this it the process that I used when I started getting serious about my coffee.

Choose the Best Coffee to Drink

When I first started drinking coffee, I would buy it from my local grocery store or the big box store. Like so many coffee drinkers, I started by choosing the ones I saw advertised on the television.

As my taste and enjoyment of drinking coffee developed beyond just drinking a cup of coffee, I became aware of the different tastes from one bag to another. The choices were limited so I wanted to find better coffee to drink. I turned to Twitter. You can follow me here.

The Process of Choosing

  • The first thing I did was to look for small batch roasters and start following them. I would check out their websites, read any reviews about them and listen to what others were saying about their coffee on Twitter.
  • I also read about the origin of the coffee beans they used. Those who sourced their beans for a single origin appealed to me more than others so I put them in my Twitter list.
  • Reading other websites such as gave me a lot of insight to coffee. I suggest you read lots of information on coffee if you want the best coffee to drink.
  • Yes, I would read the information on the packages too. If it sounded interesting, I would try it. If it fell in line with everything I had read on that particular type of coffee, chances are it would be good.
  • Reviews are always a good place to start. They can help you find the best coffee to drink. I hear you. Some reviews seem to be full of fluff but if you read enough, you can easily determine what just might be the best coffee to drink for you.
  • Contacting the roaster, either on Twitter or via email can help with your choice. Ask about their roasting process. Ask about their process to choose their beans. It never hurts to ask for samples. Some do and some don’t send samples.
  • This may not be a scientific process to choosing the best coffee to drink, but it will most definitely help you find better coffee to drink than what is in your grocery store.
  • One other way to choose good coffee is visit your local coffee shops. Not the big commercial guys, aka SB. Ask them about their coffee. Do they roast their own beans or do the get them from a roaster.

The coffee shop near me sources their roasted beans from a small batch roaster in a neighboring town. This gives me the opportunity of finding better coffee to try from a local source.


Regardless of the process you use to choose the best coffee to drink, one that you will enjoy, it can be a process of elimination, and trial and error. Some coffee you will like more than others. Some roasts, whether medium or dark, will appeal to you more. Origins make a difference too. Colombian, Sumatran, Ethiopian, all will have various degrees of taste.

You will find that there is a lot more to coffee, the more you read and study. So is there a way to always choose the best coffee to drink? The answer is no. Use the tips you just read here and you will always find better coffee than the popular commercial brands.

Find a coffee you like and enjoy drinking it.

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