What Is The Best Coffee For Morning

dream of coffeeWake up coffee lovers and read this! So many want to know what is the best coffee for morning. The answer could be any number of varieties of coffee, so is there really a “best” for morning?

That was the question I posed to the big Google this morning, as I was drinking my first cup of course, and I was surprised at what I found.

If you are a coffee drinker you may want to check this out and revolt!

So What Is The Best Coffee For Morning?

Let me say this first, I do love my coffee and enjoy a cup every morning as I start my day.

The answer I found came from an article on Forbes that suggested maybe we shouldn’t be drinking coffee first thing in the mornings.

What? I shouted! No coffee in the mornings! This can’t be so. I read more.

The source of the article was from a blog titled I Love My Coffee.JP so I jumped over to check it out.

It seems that according to science, our bodies will naturally “caffinate” themselves with the help of the sun. It makes sense because if you think about it, all the birds and other wildlife are solely regulated by the sun, the moon and all of nature. (That’s the way God planned it and it works great!)

So Why Coffee?

Maybe we should wait later to drink our first cup of coffee till later in the mornings. Maybe we should listen closer to our bodies and what it is telling us.

But then again, as I sit here drinking my first cup of coffee early in the morning, I will be willing to bet the vast majority of coffee drinkers won’t give a hoot to the scientific studies and keep drinking what they find to be the best coffee for morning.

Coffee drinkers unite and drink your coffee when you want. Morning, noon and night. But as a side note, you may want to listen to your body and nature, after all, there is something to it.

Your Thoughts

What do you think? Is there a best coffee for mornings or should we wait until later in the mornings to have a cup?

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