Bad Drivers, Traffic Laws, Good Latte

bad-driversHow many times have you been driving and you see someone blatantly ignore traffic laws and concerns, yet still turn the wrong way across oncoming traffic? I see it almost every time I pass by this one section of road in my city. Talk about bad drivers.

Even if there is no oncoming traffic, it just makes me crazy why some people think they can totally ignore traffic laws just so they don’t have to be inconvenienced for two whole seconds.

Okay, so what does this have to do with coffee you ask? Nothing. It just makes me crazy. I just don’t know why some people will cut across an opposing turn lane just so they don’t have to go a couple hundred yards out of their way. Where are the traffic cops when you need them?

Traffic Laws Are For Your Protection

While I’m re-grouping with an afternoon latte, that is really, really good, I want to know what you think about our traffic laws and the stupid ways people break them. How can there be so many bad drivers on the road? It’s time to get them off the streets and highways.

Things Bad Drivers Do That Grate on My Nerves

Here are a few things that get on my nerves while I’m driving that make me wish I was the traffic cop. Talk about giving tickets. How many bad drivers are there on the highways? Gee.

  1. People cutting across a turn lane in the wrong direction.
  2. Someone waits till either me or another motorist gets right up on them then pulls out in front.
  3. Drives like a turtle in the fast lane. Get out of the way people.
  4. Never uses a turn signal. Hello. It’s the little lever on the left side of your steering wheel.
  5. Totally ignores the “merge” sign and the fact that I can’t move over because of the 18 wheeler on my left side.
  6. Waits, and waits, and waits at a stop sign until they could have crossed the intersection 14 times before they decide to creep across.
  7. Flicks a cigarette out the window like they are feeding the birds. Hey people, don’t you know those things will kill you. Let alone they are nasty and could cause a grass fire.

I could go on for days but these are some of the most annoying things that people do while driving that drives me crazy.

Now that I have almost finished my latte, what are some of the things that you see drivers do that drive you crazy? I would love to know.

Your Turn

Add your thoughts about crazy drivers below. You might need something stronger than a latte. You might need a good dark roast coffee before you get started.

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