Auromar Panama Geisha Coffee Review

One thing I always enjoy is finding a new coffee that I have never tasted. It’s an adventure that I would think coffee drinkers around the world enjoy as well. Recently I came across a coffee that I really wanted to try. Let me tell you, Auromar Panama Geisha Coffee is as good as it gets.

I received this coffee from Panama Coffee Gold Reserve out of Canada. The first thing that came to me when I opened the package was, “Wow! This coffee smells delicious.” I was not disappointed.

Let’s Review Auromar Panama Geisha Coffee

As I just said, the first thing I thought when the bag of beans was opened was Wow! It wasn’t overpowering, yet it totally filled my nostrils and sent a sense of relaxing calm to my brain.

The Aroma

Many of the coffees you get at your local grocery store are roasted and packaged in bulk. The aroma can be overwhelming. That is simply not the case with Auromar Panama Geisha coffee. The aroma is light, yet it captures your full attention while it lingers in your nostrils. To put it another way, it smells really good the way a specialty coffee should.

The Cup

As I was brewing my first cup, the aroma continued to fill the room. It was a medium golden brown with hints of auburn and other earthy colors. Just the look of the coffee was superior to many of the bulk coffees that sometime have an oily residue. Auromar did not have any signs of this.

The Taste

Okay. Now that all the semi-technical stuff is out of the way, let me tell you how good the Auromar Panama Geisha Coffee really is.

I’m not a huge fan of drinking my coffee black, actually I have never really enjoyed it without a bit of cream. Until now…

This is the first coffee I have ever tasted that was so good black, that I can say I truly enjoyed the taste of just the coffee. No cream, no nothing. Just great coffee.

This is one of those coffees that as you sit in your quiet space, you will be totally relaxed. It is soothing, relaxing and will allow you to reflect on not just the coffee, but those deep thoughts you have running around in your head.


Simply put, this is a really great tasting cup of coffee. With a 97 point rating out of 100, it should be great. And it really is. I have thoroughly enjoyed several cups as of this review and each one was great.

If you are looking for a smooth, aromatic, great tasting cup of coffee, then this one I highly recommend.

I want to thank Panama Coffee Gold Reserve Roasters in Canada for a great cup of coffee. Thanks guys!

One other thing before I go. I gave a sample to one of my buddies and his reaction was; “Wow! That is really, really good coffee.”

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Auromar Panama Geisha Coffee

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