Artisan Coffee Roasters Caramel Review

As I’m sitting here writing this review on the Artisan Coffee Roasters Caramel coffee, I am actually drinking a fresh brewed cup.

Since I really enjoy caramel, I thought this coffee would be quite delicious. The aroma and hint of the caramel coffee to follow fell short of my expectations.

Artisan Coffee Roasters Caramel

Like I stated, the aroma held great promise. The taste was okay as it was not bitter nor overly sweet. Where it fell short was in the body.

It doesn’t seem to have much body for my taste since I enjoy a full bodied, rich flavor in my coffee. This Artisan Coffee Roaster Caramel didn’t make the mark with me.

If you enjoy a light flavored coffee that doesn’t leave an after taste, this one will work fine for you. For me, I had to add a little caramel flavored creamer which greatly improved the cup.

Artisan Coffee Roasters Caramel coffee may not hit my favorites list but I wouldn’t totally discount it either. Will it be a repeat purchase, maybe not but I will finish off what I have and enjoy it with the added creamer.

Have you tried this coffee? If so, let me know what you think in the comment box below.

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