Aroma Coffee Roasters Review a Great Colombian Coffee

aroma-coffee-roasters-reviewWhen you get coffee wrapped in a light green tissue paper you know it is Aroma. At first I thought tissue paper? But then I took a second look. What a great marketing angle. The color of the tissue paper ties in perfectly with the color of the bean on the bag in their name, Aroma.

But what about the coffee? How is this Aroma Coffee Roasters review going to stack up? Will the coffee be as good as the packaging marketing? Let’s find out. I’ll give you a hint. Keep reading the entire review.

Aroma Coffee Roasters Review

5beansI’ll start by saying this, when opening the bag of beans, you know why they call it Aroma. Such a great fragrance meets you full on when the aroma bursts out into the air. It fills the room with the hint that this coffee is going to be another really good coffee. I actually wanted to crawl into the bag and let the aroma take me to another time, another place. But since I am still here in the now, let’s get on with the Aroma Coffee Roasters review.

Colombia Rio Blanco de Herrera

This micro-lot comes from a single producer in the Herrera municipality, within the greater Tolima department. So many great Colombian coffees come out of Tolima. It’s also one of the more beautiful and remote regions.

When I think of coffee from Colombia, I generally think of a stronger coffee. I don’t know why unless it was because I use to drink some really not so good coffee that was of a Colombian origin.

That is certainly not the case with this great Colombian coffee from the good folks over at Aroma Coffee Roasters.

The Aroma

I think I about covered the aroma. The notes say the dry fragrance has a floral, red honey smell to it, which shifts toward baklava pastry when adding hot water. Whether or not you can derive those exact fragrances is up to your sense of smell. I do know that I enjoy both.

Tasting the Coffee

When I review a new coffee, I like to brew it using a pour-over method to get the full flavor of the beans. My first sip of Colombia Rio Blanco de Herrera was pleasing. It was not overpowering and I did not get any bitterness. I actually did taste a bit of a cider-like flavor which enhanced the taste.

I’m not certain I would drink it black on a regular basis, since I do enjoy my coffee with a touch of creamer, but it does have a really smooth taste. So I added my creamer and for me, it was a very delicious cup of coffee. This is one that I could easily drink each morning and enjoy every drop.


My Aroma Coffee Roasters review has concluded that if you want a well balanced cup of coffee with great fragrance, one that is easy to drink and enjoy, then this one from Aroma Coffee Roasters is a must. Their Colombian is roasted to perfection for your enjoyment. Coffee as it should be.

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