Are You a True Coffee Drinker? The 4 Types of Coffee Drinkers

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Are You a True Coffee Drinker?

Coffee. That get me started drink that so many rely on each and every morning. But just how does coffee start your morning? Do you head straight for your coffee maker? Maybe you prefer to wait a bit before your first cup like I do. Regardless how you start your morning routine, I'm sure you start it with coffee. But are you a true coffee drinker?

Coffee, the go to morning starter

The reason I ask is that some studies say you should wake naturally. In other words, let your body slowly get into the rhythm of the day. Now I'm not sure about this. My opinion is that whoever was running this study must not be a true coffee drinker. What do you think?

I admit that I don't rush straight for the coffee maker. But I don't wait for the birds to stop singing either. My morning starter is coffee. Since I use a slow pour over method of brewing my coffee, it does take a few minutes longer than simply pumping it through a Keurig. And it tastes better.

I'll ask again. How does coffee start your morning? Are you a true coffee drinker? Here are a few types of morning coffee drinkers that I know.

    1. The Instant Morning This is the person who has a coffee maker with a timer. One that has the coffee brewed, ready and waiting. All they have to do is pour and drink.

    2. The Select a Cup With the invention of the single-serve coffee maker, the select a cup coffee drinker picks a coffee they like, pop it in the machine, hit the button and run.

    3. Old Style Drinker This is a coffee drinker who has a multi-pot coffee maker. They dump several scoops of grounds in the filter, pour the water in, hit brew and wala, 12 cups of coffee for the day.

    4. True coffee drinker And this brings us to you and I. We enjoy coffee. It's not just for morning starters. We are the coffee drinker who grinds fresh beans. We use the slow-pour method with our Chemex. We know that coffee is meant to be enjoyed, not just consumed. We are true coffee drinkers.

If you are one of the first three types of coffee drinkers, that's okay. At least you are a coffee drinker. But until you try a Chemex, using the pour-over method of brewing your coffee, you aren't getting the full flavor and enjoyment of your coffee.

Is this the most popular method of brewing a great cup? No. But for me, and thousands of true coffee drinkers around the world, it is the best method.

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