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Welcome to The Morning Coffee Cup

There's just something about a quiet early morning. It's a great time to enjoy a good cup of coffee, to think and reflect and even get a bit of work done. So pull up a chair, sit back, relax and enjoy your coffee and The Morning Coffee Cup.

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Hey there, My name is Ocha and I want to welcome you to The Morning Coffee Cup. It's Awesome that you are here. Thank you for taking time to stop by and visit.

I hope you become engaged with the conversations and come back for a second cup. If you found your way here from Twitter or other social media sites, I'm glad to have you as my guest. Be sure to invite all your friends to join you here at The Morning Coffee Cup.

Oh, just so you will know, you pronounce my name, O'shay. While you are here, leave me a comment and introduce yourself. I would love to hear from you.

Now that introductions are over, let's get down to it. Let me tell you what TMCC is all about.

Inside The Morning Coffee Cup

When I first started creating the site, my original intent was to have it simulate a coffee cafe or coffee shop. You know, where everybody is drinking coffee but talking mostly about other stuff. Like, business, the kids, and life in general.

But as with many things, over time it evolved more into pretty much just coffee related stuff. You know, things like coffee makers, coffee grinders, coffee reviews, and coffee of course, and lots of other coffee stuff. (I use that word, "stuff" lots as it covers lots of, well, stuff.)

But lately, I've been reconsidering the direction I want to move with the site. One thing, beyond coffee, that I enjoy is all the internet stuff associated with blogging, creating content, and helping folks just like you to find the inspiration to create your own path in a crowded digital world.

I've debated whether I should go forward in this direction. Finally, I have concluded that yes, that's where I want to take it. After all, as I mentioned earlier, a coffee shop is not all about coffee. There are the people in it buzzing about other stuff. ~There's that word again.

Since the internet is buzzing so strongly about creating content for your online business, blogs, and other related things, I felt it would be the perfect fit.

Coffee Reviews
I also write reviews on coffee that I drink or receive as samples from various roasters. My reviews are based on my taste and experience with the coffees. I don't get too technical about a coffee review because I feel coffee is something to enjoy, not analyze to pieces.

If you have a coffee you would like for me to review, you can contact me here to submit your request.

More about The Morning Coffee Cup

As I find or experience things related to coffee, content, blogging, business and life, I'll share it with you here and in my newsletter.

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We support our readers with the many hours of research to find you the stuff you need and want to live a better life. You support us through our independently selected links which earn us a commission.

Be sure you subscribe to The Casual Cup Newsletter. You get to stay up to date on all the good stuff.

The attraction between a true coffee drinker and their coffee is much like being in love. You simply enjoy the morning embrace and conversation that follows. That warm feeling makes you smile knowing your day will be a good one.

With that in mind, I hope too that I can create content that inspires you to find your way, create your path, and build your own digital world. Make your experiences a joy for others so they can learn and do the same.

Thanks again for getting to know a bit about me and The Morning Coffee Cup. So that you can really keep up, let me invite you to subscribe to The Morning Coffee Cup and I'll send the good stuff straight to your email inbox. Don't worry, I don't send spam and if you ever choose to unsubscribe, you can. I always provide a link to do so.

So thanks for reading all this "stuff" and I hope you do subscribe and enjoy your coffee and all that is The Morning Coffee Cup.

I'll see you inside and here's to a good cup of coffee.

The Morning Coffee Cup

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