AA Signature Blend Coffee Review: Fonte’ Coffee Roaster

signature blend coffee

Just what is a signature? It’s a form of written identification. It tells people who you are. A signature can also indicate the creator of something. Like a really good signature blend coffee. The folks at Fonte’ Coffee Roaster have crafted their AA Signature Coffee into a well identifiable blend that I suggest you drink. It’s their mark that lets every coffee drinker that drinks their coffees know who they are. 

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AA Signature Blend Coffee Review

What Fonte’ says about their AA Signature Blend Coffee. A perfect balance of dense, Indonesian aromas and sparkling acidity. This coffee’s full body and lingering roast and chocolate notes makes it ideal with milk or as a stand alone filter coffee.

This is what I say.

 One of the smoothest blends of coffee I have ever tasted. The aroma is rich, the taste is superb and it does linger, leaving you with thoughts that you know you just tasted a signature coffee like no other. 

As I am having a cup of Fonte’s AA Signature Blend now, I feel totally relaxed and immersed in how this coffee has the ability to make me totally aware of how good it really is.

If I had to describe it in one word, I would have to use two. Smooth and silky. It’s very easy to drink black, but as a reader of The Morning Coffee Cup, you know I enjoy a tad of creamer with my coffee. 

Easily, this coffee is one that delights my taste buds beyond the cup. The AA Signature Blend Coffee will take you on a delightful trip where all coffee drinkers love to go.

I’m telling you, this signature coffee is a one of a kind. 

In case you are wanting to know how I brewed it, I used my Chemex, making a slow pour-over coffee. I love it.

AA Signature Blend Coffee

This coffee’s full body and lingering roast and chocolate notes makes it ideal with milk or as a stand alone filter coffee.

Suggested brew method: Drip. 

Origins: Central America, Indonesia. 

Tasting notes: Roasty, bittersweet chocolate, balanced.

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I could go on about Fonte’s AA Signature Blend Coffee but what I want you to know is this. There is coffee you can get from your local grocery store, the bulk commercial brands of coffee that are simply, coffee. But once you have tasted a coffee of this caliber, you will never drink bad coffee again. My review is my honest opinion of what I think about the coffee and I really do enjoy it. A lot!

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