A Good Latte Should Be As Dignified As Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey is such a mesmerizing show like a cup of good coffee. Why not design your own Downton Abbey coffee mug to add extra flavor to the show.

I sometimes compare a good latte to the Grand Dame of Downton Abbey. Quite a sophisticated blend of subtle complexity she is.

As smooth and rich as she is, she still offers a warming goodness that fills your being while leaving you with a thirst for more. That is exactly what I think a good latte should offer.

A Good Latte Is Rich and Full of Flavor

Drinking a good latte really is like watching one episode after another of Downton Abbey. It’s just so smooth and full of rich flavor that you just can’t drink one and move on. You have to have another.

Downton Abbey is such a complex show that it easily draws you into its story where you become attached to the characters like you do a good latte. You become one with them. From bold and distinguished gentlemen to the stern yet gentle ladies you will find yourself eager to learn more about them. You yearn for more.

And then there’s the service characters. As distinguished as the ones they serve, they add a depth to the show that is as real as a morning cup of coffee. They too are like a good latte, full of lots of flavor.

A Satisfying Warmth

To me the show is not so much about all that is going on during the setting; rather the interaction that you feel with each of the characters is what makes it so great. Just like a good latte, it is a complete blend of flavors that gives you a satisfying warmth as the aroma fills your senses as you take that first sip.

If you want to be completely filled and thoroughly entertained, then you really need to watch this show. However, you need to start with season one if you want the full flavor.

Be sure to fill your Downton mug with a good latte before the show starts and enjoy both.

What is your favorite latte? And what did you think about Downton Abbey?

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2 thoughts on “A Good Latte Should Be As Dignified As Downton Abbey

  1. I love a good latte too but have never compared it to a movie. But as I think about it, comparing a latte to Downton Abbey makes perfect sense. It is rich and rewarding.

  2. I just read what you wrote of the perfect blend and Downton Abbey. I love Water, Whole Milk, and Coffee – mixed together you get My Perfect Latte! I, also, know when I get to Heaven I will live in My Father’s Mansion, which will far exceed anything I can begin to imagine.

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