A Country Mourns For The Families of Newton, CT. – One Simple Answer

I wanted to express my deepest condolences to all the families who lost loved ones, especially the small children, in the town of Newton, CT. My heart is heavy while a country mourns.

A Tribute to Their Loss

I can’t even begin to imagine how saddened and heart broken they must be at the loss of their small children.

Everyone seems to be asking why this happened.

A question for which we will never have the reason.

There has also been a lot of discussion as to how we can avoid such tragedy in the future. Again, no one seems to have a simple answer while a country mourns.

However, to me there is one simple way, a perfect way to start. Reach out to God.

Allow Him back in the lives of families, our schools, our public halls, and in His time, you will see results greater than anything any of us could ever do in one-thousand lifetimes.

Judges need to understand the value of the child and the fact that they need stability in their young lives. When the parents get divorced, be realistic and stand up for what they know to be right.

Too many times the custody battles are more about who has the better lawyer and less about the healthy stability of the child.

Listen to your hearts in this time of tragedy. Listen to what God is telling us. His message is loud and clear and has always been steadfast.

As that December day will always be marked in my memory, I will always think and cherish the love and joy that my family and grandkids bring to me.

I will never understand how such a tragic event could happen. How twenty young children and eight others were taken away. Twenty seven were innocent. Only one was guilty, yet he too has bowed his knee before the Heavenly Father.

When Twenty Young Children Plus Eight Were Taken Away
by: Ocha Nix

My heart was heavy on that tragic day,
When twenty young children plus eight were taken away.
The question from those who mourn is Why?
Why did twenty young children plus eight have to die?

As their cry for help rang throughout the land,
Their Father on High reached out his hand.
He gathered His children with love and grace,
And took them home to His Heavenly place.

As we wonder the motive and question why,
In our hearts we will forever hear their cry.
Though tragedy struck that December day,
They will be remembered for forever and a day.

On the wings of Angels they now sing and fly,
Twenty young children and the innocent, now live beyond the sky.
Though hard for us it surely will be,
We know again someday their smiles we will see.

Though they will be missed and we still cry,
Their sweet voices are now singing on high.
Singing songs of glorious joy and Holy praise,
Waiting for the day that we too shall be raised.

My heart was heavy on that tragic day,
The day twenty young children plus eight, were taken away.

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