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Coffee Roaster Round Up – Making The Best Coffee Blend

Just what does it take to make the best coffee blend? This is the question I posed to small batch coffee roasters for my Coffee Roaster Round Up. One thing is for certain. It takes more than just throwing various beans together and hoping they come out tasting good enough.

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Some of My Favorite Coffee Stuff

Papua New Guinea Coffee

Once you taste this excellent coffee, you will know why it is one of my favorites. It makes a great morning cup and I also enjoy an early afternoon cup. Try a bag or two and I think you will know why I enjoy it so much.



Chemex Coffee Maker Classic Series

This could be the perfect coffee maker. I use mine everyday and it makes the best cup of coffee every time. Because you want to enjoy good coffee, get a Chemex.



Clay In Motion Handmade Coffee Mug

One of my favorite coffee mugs from Clay in Motion. Handmade and hand decorated, this coffee mug has the feel of quality in your hand.