Top 5 Coffee Types You Have to Taste Now

Do you know how many coffee types there are available for you to enjoy? As I was reading up on coffee types I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be interesting to know just how many types there are in the world. So like one who is always interested in coffee would do, I Googled it. When the results popped up, I quickly gave up the notion of counting them.

But to help answer this intriguing question, I took another route. I decided to determine the 5 coffee types that I feel you should drink now. Based solely on coffees that I have tasted myself, here is my list of the top 5 that I have enjoyed… and still enjoy.

Coffee Types You Need to Drink

From a K-cup variety to fresh roasted beans, I came up with my list of coffee types that I enjoy and I’m sure you will too.

  1. Geisha – Without a doubt, the Esmeralda Geisha is by far a superior tasting coffee. I am currently drinking this one and it tops my list of five. With a 92 rating, and the extraordinary taste, it was an easy choice.
  2. Colombia from Aroma – Any of the coffee from Aroma is a good choice. I am a bit partial to the Colombian variety regardless which roaster it comes from, but this one has a great aroma with a very smooth taste.
  3. Fire-Roasted – Just the name alone makes me want a cup. I love the smell of a campfire on a cool autumn night and the Sweet Hearth is the one I choose for spot number three.
  4. Indonesia Sumatra – This coffee really is good enough to make it higher on the list. The only reason it didn’t is because it is one of those coffees that you will never grow tired of drinking. As good as it is, the other three are coffee types that I could drink black. That’s saying something for a guy who loves creamer in his coffee.
  5. Kotowa Coffee – This is an organic coffee from Panama. It is full of life and flavor even in the medium roast I had. I could easily drink this coffee everyday. It has hints of chocolate and I do enjoy my chocolate and this Kotowa.

The Pressed Bean Organic 100% Colombian Whole Bean Coffee


Organic Coffee Types
Organic single origin coffee is often times some of the best coffee types you can drink. These coffees give you the full flavor of the region of the country where they are grown.

From volcanic soils to rich fertile shady farms, the organics are always an easy choice. Being a single origin, the true taste of the bean is what you will always get in your cup.

Your Turn
What is your favorite coffee types? I would love to know so leave your comment below.

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