5 Coffee Trend Comparisons, Coffee Old, Coffee New

coffee-cafeHave you ever looked at coffee trend comparisons to see how things have changed? I thought this would be a great time to take a look at the progress or digress that coffee has made with these 5 coffee trend comparisons. From coffee shops to coffee equipment, you will see how dramatically things have changed while some have weathered the storms of change.

Where do you fit in? Are you still drinking your coffee with lingering thoughts of yesteryear or do you fit into the new trendy ways of coffee today? Either way, this will give you some things to smile about and enjoy.

Top 5 Coffee Trend Comparisons

Here are my top 5 coffee trend comparison that I find to be rather intriguing.

Number 5 – The Coffee Maker

Coffee Old – Let’s start with the coffee maker itself. My grandparents used a percolator that you actually had to set on the stove top burner to heat the water. Since I was too young to drink coffee, I can’t say how it tasted. If I were to guess, I would say pretty strong, pretty bad. My assumption is based on the fact that the coffee came in tin cans.

Coffee New – Now days the coffee maker will make your coffee automatically at a time you choose. This seems to be an ever growing trend in coffee makers. Nobody seems to have the time, or at least take the time for slow coffee.

Number 4 – The Package

Coffee Old – Coffee in tin cans. Not plastic buckets, but tin, real tin cans. Not only was this the way you purchased coffee several decades ago, but the can had a dual purpose. You could put your fishing worms in the cans once you used all the coffee.

Coffee New – Little plastic cups that hold one serving of coffee have now replaced the old tin cans. Not only has the packaging transformed but the coffee itself has taken on a new meaning for coffee drinkers around the globe. The K-Cup and other single serve coffee has taken the guesswork out of measuring the right amount of coffee for the “perfect” cup of coffee.

Number 3 Beans or Ground

Coffee Old – Ground coffee is still around and will always be here for those of you who just want to make a pretty good cup of coffee. The packaging has changed for this form of coffee too. From tin cans to vacuumed sealed bags, ground coffee still has it’s place with it’s roots in coffee past.

Coffee New – Whole bean coffee is becoming more and more the prefered type of coffee. The coffee stays fresher longer as you only have to grind just the right amount of beans for a few cups at a time. I prefer buying my coffee as whole bean coffee rather than ground. This is a trend in coffee you will see to continue to grow.

Number 2 The Coffee & the Roasters

Coffee Old – Even though the same coffee roasters your grandmother knew are still around, they are still roasting coffee in bulk. They then grind it, package it in plastic tubs and expect you to enjoy a “good cup of coffee”. I suppose if you have never experienced anything else, you too might consider it good. But there options.

Coffee New – Today small batch specialty coffee roasters are taking on the big guys. For those of you who enjoy a really good cup of coffee, there is no other choice. The small independent roasters seem to be more connected to the coffee from it’s origin to your cup. Find the right farm with the right beans, then roast it to perfection. Coffee drinkers who love coffee, know there is no other way.

Number 1 The Coffee Shop

Coffee Old – There was a time where you could find a coffee shop on the town square filled with men on a Saturday morning smoking their cigarettes while drinking their coffee. It was a place where stories were shared, friendships flourished, and business ideas were born. The old coffee shops and cafes had the distinctive counter lined with worn-top stools that are telltale signs of a lot of coffee drinking.

Coffee New – Today coffee bars or coffee shops are a whole new world compared to those of days past. The coffee gear is high-tech, the crowds are much younger, there is no smoking, and you can’t even pronounce the names of the coffee you want to order. And, (this is a biggie) the price of coffee is no longer 10 cents per cup. That’s right you have to pay $4 bucks for a single coffee. Yes, coffee shops have changed over the years. They will never be the same, or will they?

There you have it. My top 5 Coffee Trend Comparisons.

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