4 Different Types of Coffee Roasts and What Makes Them Different

Different types of coffee roasts are what dictates the strength of the coffee you drink. The lighter the roast, the lighter tasting the coffee will be. And of course the darker the stronger your coffee will taste. But what are the 4 different types of coffee roasts and what makes them different?cool coffee names

Different Types of Coffee Roasts

I personally enjoy a darker roast coffee with a bit of creamer. The bolder roasted coffee seems to bring out more of the flavor of the bean. If you have never tried a dark roast, I highly recommend that you do.

These are 4 basic types of coffee roasts.

    1. Light Roast – Coffee that is considered a light roast will have a lighter color with no oils on the surface of the bean. This is because the oils have to break through the surface of the bean which takes a longer processing time. Light roasted coffee also has a bit higher level of caffeine than the dark roasts. The reason again is because the caffeine will not dissipate before the desired level of light roast it achieved.

    2. Medium Roast – When you shop for coffee, you probably have noticed there seems to be more medium roast than all of the others. It will have a dark tan color with little to no oil on the surface. The medium roast is often referred to the American roast due to the fact that that it is generally preferred in the US.

    3. Dark Roast – This is my favorite level of roasted coffee. The beans will have undergone two cracks during roasting with a darker color and a slightly oily surface. One popular dark roast is called the French Roast. Though the flavor is bolder, with the darker roasted beans, the caffeine level will be reduced as well. It is “burned” off during the roasting process.

    4. Espresso Roast – Now this is getting intense when it comes to the flavor. This is considered the darkest roast of all the different types of coffee roast. It is especially roasted for the making of latte and cappuccino drinks. It takes less coffee mixed with the milk of these drinks to make a great coffee drink. The Espresso is also very popular among the younger aged coffee drinker.

Understanding Coffee
Coffee is complex. From the farm to your cup there is so much one can learn about their favorite drink, coffee. A good source is the National Coffee Association which is one of the most complete resources on coffee.

These four different types of coffee roasts are what you will find when you shop for coffee. If you are like me, you will find one that you will call your favorite. For me, the dark roast is perfect for my mornings while I do like a medium roast for afternoons.

To find a roast that you enjoy, I suggest you try all four levels of roast along with different brands. This will allow you to experience lots of coffee before you settle in on what will become your favorite.

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