3 Secrets Why Local Coffee Shops Have Better Coffee than Starbucks

local-coffee-shopsIt’s true, Starbucks is a very successful coffee shop. However, there are 3 secrets why your local coffee shops have better coffee. I know there are some of you diehard SB fans who are going to argue your point that nothing can beat Starbucks, but keep reading. I’ll give you reason to reconsider and tell you why I prefer local coffee shops over the big guys.

Support Your Local Coffee Shops

When it comes to good coffee, people across the world think that Starbucks has the best. In my opinion, even though I do occasionally drink their coffee, that is far from the truth. They have great marketing and ok coffee.

If you compare their coffee with that of your local coffee shops, you will start to understand and appreciate really good coffee. That’s not to say every local shop has great coffee but I’ll be willing to bet it is way better than SB.

Here’s Why Local is Better

    Secret 1. Let’s start with the coffee which is the most important secret. Many of your local coffee shops either roast their own beans or source them from a local coffee roaster. The beans are selected from some of the best coffee growing regions from around the world. They roast the beans in small batches which gives them a more uniform roast. This adds to the flavor and quality of the coffee you drink at your local shop.
    Secret 2. I could actually stop at number one but let me explain further why local is better. Buying local coffee supports your local community. The money stays at home to support families, and other local businesses. This is one thing that too many people don’t seem to understand. When you buy local, you support local.
    Secret 3. The guys and gals that run local coffee shops get to know you. They truly appreciate your business and your support of their business. If you are a regular, they get to know you by name and know what type of coffee you enjoy. They become your friends. This one to me is huge.

For these three reasons I urge you to seek out your local coffee shops and support their business. I have even started buying whole beans from one of my local shops, The Coffee Mill, and I’m here to tell you, their coffee is way better than the big “Star” down the road. I say, buy local, support your home community, and enjoy much better coffee.

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