3 Reasons Coffee Drinkers Should Not Drink Matcha

coffee-drinkersCould it be? A new trend in your morning beverage? It has been around for centuries. The Japanese have been drinking Matcha in ceremonies as far back as the 12th century. Or so they say.

Should you as a coffee drinker be concerned that this “new trend” in a morning beverage will replace your beloveded coffee? Do you even know what Matcha is? Should we as coffee drinkers be concerned? Well, here’s the scoop.

Coffee Drinkers Should Not Drink Matcha

Before I tell you the three reasons why you should not drink Matcha or even be concerned that it will replace your coffee, I want to tell you what it is. According to the article I was reading in Business Insider, it is a finely ground powder made from, now get this, tea. That’s right tea.

Why would anyone even entertain the idea that true coffee drinkers would switch to tea. I’m telling you, it ain’t gonna’ happen.

You may ask yourself why wouldn’t a coffee drinker switch to Matcha. Well, there are 3 good reasons.

Number 1: It Ain’t Coffee

Number 2: It Will Never be Coffee

Number 3: And it Ain’t Coffee

Do you get the point? Matcha is not coffee. It’s tea. And the green color looks like an algae bloom in a stagnant pond it Texas in the hot August summer.

Coffee drinkers beware. Never ever drink Matcha. In fact, drink more coffee!

Article source: http://www.businessinsider.com/healthy-coffee-alternative-2015-11


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